April 30, 2009: Update On NH Salmonella Outbreak

Although contaminated pudding was at the heart of a Salmonella outbreak that sickened students attending an environmental camp in Madison, NH, public health officials announced that a mixer, used to make the pudding for campers, may have been responsible for spreading the dangerous foodboorne bacterium.

According to officials, a possible defect in the mixer may have allowed Salmonella bacteria to survive in an area of the mixer that could not be sanitized properly.  The mixer was also used to prepare scrambled eggs, a food well known to harbor Salmonella.

This is not the first time that food preparation equipment was responsible for a food poisoning outbreak.  Our law firm has settled dozens of claims for people who were sickened in an Arby’s Salmonella Outbreak linked to a defective meat slicer that could not properly be sanitized.  The Arby’s Salmonella outbreak lasted for almost 3 months before health officials determined that the meat slicer was contaminating food on a daily basis.

All of those sickened in the outbreak attended Stone Environmental Camp, at Purity Springs Resort, NH, earlier this month.  Woodbury Middle School students and staff were the first outbreak victims, some experiencing food poisoning symptoms while still at camp.  The following week, campers from two other schools became ill, prompting health officials to close the camp until the investigation could be completed.

While 15 cases were culture confirmed for Salmonella, more than 120 students and adults reported gastrointestinal symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea.

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