March 28, 2007: Lawyers Representing Dozens of Clients in Arby’s Salmonella Food Poisoning Case in Valdosta, Georgia

Arby’s Salmonella Lawsuit Information – Attorneys from the firms Childers, Buck & Schlueter, LLP, in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Law Offices of Eric H. Weinberg, in New Brunswick, NJ, filed the first lawsuit against Arby’s restaurant on behalf of a woman who was sickened after eating at the fast food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches. Andrew Childers and Eric Weinberg represent dozens of additional clients who suffered food poisoning after eating at the Arby’s located at 2916 N. Ashley Street in Valdosta.

Arby’s Salmonella Lawsuit and Outbreak News

The Division of Public Health of the Georgia Department of Human Resources has identified a total of 72 individuals, all of whom were affected by the same strain of Salmonella serotype Montevideo. The outbreak appears to have lasted from August 21, 2006, through November 16, 2006. According to the Division of Public Health, a meat slicer and a sample of roast beef from the Arby’s restaurant tested positive for Salmonella.

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