August 10, 2009: Possible Salmonella Contamination of Ground Red Pepper

Adams Extract & Spice, LLC has posted a voluntary recall of their products that contain a lot of ground red pepper supplied to them by Van de Vries Spice Corporation, 9 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816.  The recall is due to post production testing of the spices that revealed the potential for contamination with Salmonella.

The following lots of specific products were distributed in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico through retail stores, mail order, internet sales and direct delivery.

The items listed below are in clear plastic (PET) bottles with yellow caps:

  • Adams Cayenne Pepper 2.61 oz  Best by date 060311-060711, 062711-070111, 071811-072211, 080111-080511
  • Adams Brisket Rub 13.47 oz Best by date  062111-062511, 062711-070711
  • Adams Brisket Rub 8.5lbs Best by date 062811-070211
  • Adams Multi-Season Seasoned Salt 14.46 oz. Best by date 070511-070911
  • Adams Multi-Seasoning 30 oz.  Best by date 071111-071511
  • REX Cayenne Pepper Ground 6.98 oz. Best by Date 072111-072511, 071111-071511
  • REX Cayenne Pepper 16 oz.  Best by Date 071111-071511

The item listed below is in french square glass bottles with silver-tone caps:

  • Adams Reserve Cajun Seasoning 4.93oz. Best by date 061011-061711, 071311-071711

The items listed below are in translucent polypropylene jars with translucent caps:

  • Carniceria Texas Red All Purpose Seasoning Adams 14.25oz. Best by date 061711-062111
  • Carniceria  B-B-Q Seasoning Adams 15.07oz. Best by date 061611-062011

The item listed below is in red trimmed “cello” packages:

  • REX Crab Boil Ready Mix 64 oz.

The item listed below is in green trimmed “cello” packages:

  • REX Fish Fry 10 oz.

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