December 11, 2007: Georgia Barbeque Festival Serves Up A Recipe For Disaster

The East Metro Health District released a report last week indicating that the Salmonella food poisoning outbreak that occurred this past October in Newton County, Georgia, has been linked to pulled pork sold by the Covington Lions Club at the Sherman’s Last Burning barbeque festival.

Of the 67 reported food poisoning cases, stool cultures from 17 individuals tested positive for Salmonella serotype Newport. Twenty-eight individuals required medical attention and five people were hospitalized.

Based on interviews and statistical analysis, the health department concluded that: the cases of Salmonella poisoning were significantly associated with four factors: attendance on Oct. 12, eating the ticketed meal prepared by the Lions Club on Oct. 12, eating the pulled pork from the meal on Oct. 12 and consumption of some “other” food item from the ticketed meal.

Although an estimated 1,000 meals were sold, no health permits were required by the city of Covington since the event was classified as a “fair or festival.” The report indicates that it is impossible to determine if food temperatures were properly monitored and maintained, and no hand washing facilities were available to the public. The report further concludes that “inadequate hand washing facilities may have played a role in this outbreak.”

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