February 26, 2008: Yuma Salmonella Outbreak

The Yuma County Health Department announced last week that anyone who may have taken home beef from the February 2, Hospice of Yuma roping roundup, should dispose of the meat, because it may be contaminated with Salmonella. Left-over beef was also donated to Crossroads Mission of Yuma.
Ninety-two cases of Salmonella food poisoning have been connected to the Yuma event.  The Yuma Health Department reports that so far 10 people have tested positive for Salmonella, and additional test results are pending.

Sarah Reynolds, staff writer for the Yuma Sun reported:

Yuma County Health Department officials said they only released information about meat containing Salmonella Thursday because they had not confirmed its presence until they received test results that day from the state.

“Until we have confirmed information that is fact, we don’t give out any information because it could be wrong,” said Becky Brooks, director of health services. “This one was an isolated incident. It’s different if something is widespread. If it’s widespread and could continue to infect, then we’d approach it differently.”

Despite the health department explanation, Yuma residents have questioned why, in light of 92 reported illnesses, a warning from the Yuma County Health Department was not issued prior to February 21.

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