July 17, 2009: South Bend Chocolate Company Cleans Up Its Act

After receiving a warning letter from the FDA regarding the conditions of its manufacturing site in South Bend, IN, the owner says that he is doing everything necessary to comply with the FDA and rectify all violations stated in the letter.

The violations range from pests in the processing areas to unsanitary conditions that tested positive for Salmonella to mislabeling on sugar-free products.  The inspections that noted these violations took place during October 2008 and March 2009.

Since that time the owner has been vigilant in correcting the situation.  He noted that the FDA’s meticulous inspections opened his eyes to what had been commonplace for so long.  In a quote he states, “Anybody who knows me knows we’re doing the best we can. We run an ultra-clean facility, and if you don’t believe me, come out. We open our doors to anybody. Our reputation and product speak for themselves; there’s no question of that.”

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