July 18, 2007: Pars Cove Salmonella Number Hits 636

The Chicago Department of Health (CDH) stated that as of noon on Tuesday, 636 people had reported illness related to the Pars Cove Persian Cuisine booth at the Taste of Chicago Food Festival. Sixty-six of the reported illnesses are laboratory confirmed cases of salmonellosis resulting from Salmonella food poisoning. Twenty-five people have been hospitalized.

The Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg is currently investigating legal cases on behalf of individuals who reported becoming ill after eating the hummus salad at the Pars Cove booth.

People who became ill after eating at Pars Cove should contact their doctor. Chicago residents should report their illnesses to the CHD, which can be reached by calling 311. Those living outside of Chicago should do the same by calling 312-744-5000.

The Chicago Health Department has notified city hospitals to be on the look-out for food poisoning cases. The Illinois Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have notified state and nationwide health departments.

The CHD has inspected Pars Cove restaurant, and food handlers have been interviewed and tested for Salmonella. Food samples have been submitted to the Illinois health department. Test results are expected this week.

The Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg currently represents victims of Salmonella food poisoning from the recent Arby’s, Peter Pan, and Veggie Booty outbreaks. If you believe that you are the victim of Salmonella food poisoning, please contact us at our toll free number 1-877-934-6274, or click on Free Case Evaluation.

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