July 9, 2009: FDA Posts Database for Plainview Recall Products

The list of food products being pulled from grocery store shelves as a result ingredient supplier Plainview Milk Products’ recall continues to grow.  For a complete list of companies and products linked to the Salmonella Plainview Milk Recall, please visit the FDA and USDA Recall website or please see Plainview Milk Cooperative Ingredient Recall Product List.

Plainview Milk Products Cooperative, Plainview, MN, recently announced a recall for its nonfat dried milk, whey protein, fruit stabilizers, and thickening agents, because some of the products may be contaminated with Salmonella.  The recall was initiated after the USDA found Salmonella in 100 gram pouches of Dairyshake powder.  Salmonella was later detected at the Plainview Milk Products Cooperative Plant.

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