June 21, 2010: Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak May Be Linked To ConAgra Frozen Dinners

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30 people have been infected with a matching strain of Salmonella Chester since April 11, 2010. The outbreak has been reported by individuals from 15 states: CA, CO, GA, IL, KY, MA, MN, MO, NC, OK, OR, SC, TN, UT, and VA.

The CDC reports that preliminary testing has suggested that Marie Callender’s frozen meals may be the source of contamination. Although the data is currently insufficient to implicate a specific frozen meal type, many of those sickened reported eating a Marie Callender’s Cheesy Chicken and Rice frozen entrée during the week before becoming ill.

On June 18, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Laboratory reported to the CDC that it isolated Salmonella Chester from an unopened package of Marie Callender’s Cheesy Chicken & Rice single-serve frozen entrée, which was collected from a case patient.

On June 17, ConAgra Foods Packaged Foods, LLC announced a recall of all Marie Callender’s brand Cheesy Chicken and Rice frozen meals, regardless of production date.

The investigation into this recent outbreak is ongoing, and updates will be provided once additional information becomes available.

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