March 12, 2008: Yuma Salmonella Outbreak

According to reporter Sarah Reynolds, of the Yuma Sun, the Yuma County Health Department has reported that 19 of 20 samples submitted to the state lab for testing have been confirmed positive for the Salmonella strain linked to the Hospice of Yuma Salmonella food poisoning outbreak.

Tri-tip beef, served at the Hospice of Yuma event on February 2, was later identified as the contaminated food source.

Health department officials interviewed a total of 120 individuals who experienced Salmonella food poisoning symptoms.  According to District Director Becky Brooks, of the 120 people interviewed: 55 had eaten at Crossroads, 34 were event volunteers from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, 25 had attended the hospice event, and 5 did not attend, but had eaten left-over tri-tip beef.

The investigation will continue, as swabs from coolers, slicers and prep areas are examined for the presence of the Salmonella outbreak strain. The State Health Department will provide a full report of the outbreak after the investigation is completed.

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