October 28, 2008: IHOP Reopened After Salmonella Outbreak

After three closings and two Salmonella outbreaks since early this summer, the Amarillo International House of Pancakes (IHOP) reopened last Tuesday. The Amarillo Environmental Health Department linked 25 cases of Salmonella food poisoning to the outbreak in September and more than 100 cases to the outbreak in June.

Amarillo health officials believe that the outbreak was caused by a Salmonella contaminated water bath that was used to warm pitchers of syrup before they were placed on tables for customer use. The contaminated water, remaining on the outside of the pitchers, then led to the infection of IHOP patrons and employees.

Since closing nearly five weeks ago, the restaurant has eliminated the water bath, and undergone a complete sanitization.  Amarillo Health officials also required that two private independent labs confirm that restaurant surfaces were Salmonella free, along with 14 other food safety measures.

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