September 16, 2007: South Reno Restaurant Re-opens after Salmonella Outbreak

South Reno Salmonella Outbreak – Restaurant Reopens

According to Reno Gazette-Journal reporter, Jason Hidalgo, the South Reno restaurant, Jazmine, re-opened on August 29 after being ordered closed by the Washoe District Health Department on August 23.

According to health department director, Randall Todd, this action was taken following 14 documented cases of Salmonella food poisoning. Although they have not been able to link the source of the infection to a particular food, Todd stated that the outbreak is likely connected to an infected food handler. Two of the restaurant’s employees tested positive for Salmonella.

Health officials became suspicious of an ongoing Salmonella outbreak while going through daily reports. The restaurant was identified as the common denominator after outbreak victims were interviewed.

Co-owners David Tran and Quoc Nguyen claim to have stressed to their employees that they must skip work if they’re showing signs of a food-borne illness. But Tran said employees do not have health-care benefits or paid sick days.

Meanwhile, Todd reminded the public and restaurant industry of one of the best defenses against the transmission of infectious diseases – standard hygiene procedures and careful hand washing.

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