July 14, 2007: Taste of Chicago Salmonella Outbreak – 378 Persons Sickened

Taste of Chicago Salmonella Outbreak News – Chicago health officials report that the number of people sickened after eating at the Pars Cove booth at the Taste of Chicago food festival has reached 378. Thirty-two of the cases have been confirmed as Salmonella food poisoning and 12 of those sickened have required hospitalization.

Public Health Officials Investigate Taste of Chicago Salmonella Outbreak

Although the food source responsible for this latest Salmonella outbreak has not been confirmed, health officials are focusing on an herb, cucumber, and tomato salad that was served with humus. On Friday, the Chicago health department told Pars Cove to stop serving hummus in their city restaurant.

The Chicago Health Department has been overwhelmed by phone calls as a result of the outbreak. Employees from other departments were recruited to serve as operators. Health officials have said they will contact those individuals on their callback list.

If you believe that you are suffering from Salmonella food poisoning, you should contact your doctor. Even if you have recovered, you should also contact the Chicago Health Department, since they are responsible for conducting the outbreak investigation. Chicago residents can call the Health Department hotline at 311 to report an illness or to ask questions. Non-residents should contact the department at 312-744-5000.

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