March 7: Vanzo’s, Popular Edwardsville, Illinois, Restaurant, Closed Due To Fears of Salmonella

Vanzo’s Salmonella Outbreak Suspected – Five confirmed cases of Salmonella have been reported to the Madison County Health Department since February 28. In a recent press release, the Health Department reported that they are currently investigating an outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning that appears to be associated with Vanzo’s restaurant in Edwardsville, IL. Public Health Administrator, Toni Corona stated that four of the people affected had reported eating at Vanzo’s beginning on February 21. The restaurant has voluntarily closed.

If you have eaten at this restaurant, and have experienced nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or fever you may be an outbreak victim. You should contact your health care provider for medical advice.

Vanzo’s Salmonella Outbreak Investigation

The county health department is currently interviewing individuals (both well and sick) who visited Vanzo’s between Feb. 21 and March 6. They can be reached at (618) 692-8954, ext. 2, for an interview. By contacting your local health department you can help public health officials understand how and why this outbreak occurred and help prevent others from becoming ill.

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